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Since Verna was gone to Lutherhaven for the Women's retreat Macy and I spent Friday and Saturday night at Luke and Tammy's. Saturday night Macy jumped up on Evia's bed while I was telling her and Emma a story. I left her there while Luke and I continued working on the closet doors in their bedroom. Before I went to bed I checked and Macy had made her way under the covers still in Evia's bed. Tammy said "hey if she's OK with it so be it." Macy ended up staying there all night. The next morning when I asked Evia if Macy slept with her all night she said " Yes Papa she did, under my covers, but I didn't spread my legs for her to sleep between them"
:) :)


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Luke & Tammy and the kids came down Friday to spend the night and go to Matt & Michelle's wedding on Saturday. Verna and I had invites for parties in Kouts & Hebron on Saturday. So while we were getting ready on Saturday Verna laid out my clothes on the end of the bed as Emma looked on.
Emma: Why are you putting out Papa's clothes?
Nanna: Papa doesn't pick out what he wears because he doesn't care what he wears.
Emma: Did Papa care what he wore when he was a little boy?

I Love those girls that keep Papa in line and looking good.

New Blog - New Ideas

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Going to try to use my new blog to share more. One of the ways will be titled TTHM for Things that humor me. Here are my first entries of TTHM:

We're in the living room at the Lafayette house and an ambulance goes by with the siren blaring and this conversation follows:
Emma: Where are they going?
Nana: Probably to help someone who got hurt.
Emma: How do you think they got hurt?
Nana: Maybe they were in a car accident.
Emma: or maybe they were jumping on the bed.

Later Levi is in the kitchen saying papa cokinerat. I'm not understanding so he repeats a couple more times cokinerat, cokinerat. Then Nana translates. Papa he wants a "cookie from under the hat" which of course is the lid on the cookie jar we have that Verna made in ceramics.