Must See Video

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If you have not seen this video by Casting Crows take a few minutes to watch it and then reflect on it's message.

Twas the night before Christmas

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IMG_5837Family tradition is for one of our kids to read The Night Before Christmas just before going to bed on Christmas Eve.  We broke tradition a little this year and let Papa read it to the two newest Granddaughters.  To get the most enjoyment out of it you need to watch through at least to the point of Santa giving a whistle to his reindeer.  Precious memories.

Merry Christmas and God's Blessings to all.

Friday, December 25, 2009

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Joshua set up a new blog for me so I think that I will start using it for future posts.  If you would like to access it go to

Friday, December 25, 2009

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Family tradition is for one of our kids to read The Night Before Christmas just before going to bed on Christmas Eve.  We broke tradition a little this year and let Papa read it to the two newest Granddaughters.  To get the most enjoyment out of it you need to watch through at least to the point of Santa giving a whistle to his reindeer.  Precious memories.

Merry Christmas and God's Blessings to All.

Hello Dad!

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So ... along with mom, if you are up for the challenge and change to a new blog, i've started this one for you.  Let me know what you think.  The themes you can choose are almost endless.  See you soon!

Christ's Love,

[caption id="attachment_7" align="aligncenter" width="553" caption="Family at J&A Wedding"]Family at J&A Wedding[/caption]

Monday, December 14, 2009

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Well I had a story to tell about a childhood Christmas memory but after throwing the tease out there to my siblings, Susie has me second guessing my memories.  Last weekend when Verna and I were decorating our Christmas tree Verna asked me if my Dad always put the lights on the tree.  I said I didn’t remember if he did or not.  I just remember Dad bringing the tree in the front door already set in the, as I definitely remember him proclaiming, the “best tree stand ever” and then putting the decorations on.  I don’t know how the lights got on.

My recollection of the “best tree stand ever”  was a combination of a short 2x4 nailed to the bottom of the trunk then the tree placed in a 32 lb. frozen food can that was then filled with gravel and filled with water.  This whole combination led to a tree stand that weighed…..well close to 32 + lbs.  Now when I asked my siblings what significance Sodus Michigan had on our Christmas my thoughts were that, as Patty guessed, is where the Frozen Food came from, thus the can for our “best tree stand ever” , but Susie’s response has me second guessing my memory as the “best tree stand ever” in her memory was a five gallon bucket with a handle on it.  Either way I know we had the “best tree stand ever” and we never had to worry about it tipping over as it was so heavy I think it weighed more than the tree.

So other Christmas memories that I have and all may be subject to correction by my siblings are as follows.

Going to Range Line Christmas Eve for the candle light service and coming home and seeing reindeer tracks and sleigh tracks in the snow.

Watching for Santa’s sleigh in the night sky on the way home from church.

Hearing the reindeers jingle bells ringing from behind the house as we walked in the front door.

That’s all I can recollect right now but if any of my siblings know of more please feel free to add them in the comments section.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

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It must be  


You would have no way of knowing, by looking at this picture but this was taken in June of 1975.  One month before Verna and I were married.  She was cutting my toenails.

I was thinking of chiding her about not doing that anymore and how her love for me has diminished but then I got to thinking that she just moved up from toenails to unruly nose, ear and eyebrow hairs.

She still puts up with me and shows her love for me everyday in all that she does.

Now, on to Thanksgiving Day with a few Church friends and close family.  A new union of two of God's children.  I hope this couple can have as many, and more happy years together as Verna and I have been blessed with.

God Bless the new Vandercar couple.
I will give you the same advice Verna and I received from Pastor Burrows before we were married and that is to never let the sun go down on your anger.


Monday, November 23, 2009

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I had to share this picture also.  Can't wait to see this Sox fan in a couple days.

Monday, November 23, 2009

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Looks like Grandpa Bob or some semblance there of made a stop down in Brown County earlier this summer.

His handwriting has improved! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Coming this Thanksgiving








Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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For Susie who was asking for special memories we had of Dad and for Shel who asked me a couple years ago to post more stories from my past.

Here's one that I had written a few months back but had not posted.

My First Pheasant:

I don’t remember all the details but I am pretty sure that the Dad on the corn picker was probably the Dog.  I would have been standing at the end of the field waiting for a bird to come out.  This was more than likely the scenario as this was pretty much the routine when harvest time took precedence over hunting.  I also don’t remember why we didn’t field dress the pheasant I shot right away.  That was a common practice Dad taught me to assure the quality of the meat he would always try to field dress anything that he shot almost as soon as it hit the ground.  Maybe Dad wanted to let me take it home and show it off a bit before we dressed it.  Maybe we were in a hurry to get out of the field before the elevator closed, or as would happen a lot of times Dad would relieve Uncle Wayne at the station and he would take the truck loaded with grain home to park in the protection of the crib, and Uncle Wayne would take it to the elevator in the morning before coming to work at the station.  Whatever the reason Dad threw my pheasant up into the front corner of the truck on top of the corn.

What I do specifically remember about this day is that on the way out of the field Dad was driving the truck loaded with corn out of the field when we started across the bridge across the ditch.  I remember no one liking to cross this bridge because the way it was designed you would come up to it on a narrow field road and have to make a 90 degree right hand turn and up the approach which rose at a fairly steep angle up to the wooden deck of the bridge.  It was just a field bridge so of course there were no guardrails or anything to prevent you from walking or driving off the edge and falling to the ditch which was about 12-15 feet below.  After crossing you would go down the approach on the other side again at a pretty steep angle and make another 90 degree turn to follow the roadway back alongside the ditch.

When crossing the front end of the truck would naturally rise up as you climbed the approach and block your view out the windshield of the bridge so it was kind of a line it up and just go type of crossing.  This day was no different than any of the hundreds of times Dad had crossed it except that just as the truck was starting to level out on the deck of the bridge Dad heard wood starting to pop, he knew exactly what was happening, he yelled we’re going down, hang on and then tried to accelerate to get off the bridge but instead the front end started rising again as the rear drivers side of the truck starting breaking thru the decking of the bridge. 

When everything had settled down and we realized that we were not going all the way down into the ditch we climbed out of the truck to find that fortunately the rear wheel only fell thru far enough to the point where the rear axle was resting on one of the steel I-Beams that was crossing the ditch and supporting the whole bridge.  The opposite front wheel was about a foot off the ground.  I can still see Dad snickering as he told me how big my eyes were as the truck started tilting towards the water.

Well the truck was tilted at such an angle that about a quarter of the load of grain spilled out the rear corner and into the ditch and along with this went my first pheasant.  He was now lying on top of the pile of grain in the bottom of the ditch.  Of course my first concern was to retrieve him so I could still take him home to show him off, but the news of this accomplishment was over shadowed by the other story we had to tell when we got home.

Thinking back on it now I am still not sure how we got home.  I remember it was quite an ordeal to get the truck raised and blocked up to get it off the bridge.  We were at least a mile from any other houses with no cell phones or any way of calling for help.  If we would have had any other vehicles in the field they would have been on the wrong side of the bridge and thus worthless to use for transportation.  Hmm, how easy we have it today with our cell phones.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Recently on the Men's Network Blog  they were talking about what you would put on your Bucket List.  One gentleman commented as follows, which I thougt was a very good comment and something that we should all keep in mind.  Following is his comment:

Anonymous said...
It has always amazed me that most people have thoughts about things they want to accomplish before they die. And they want so badly to put off death. I've heard about people who are getting older, and have regrets about things they never got to do. Why is that? I can't wait to meet God face to face. Don't get me wrong. I have no desire to stand in front of a train. And I don't intend to do anything to hasten my death. When God's chosen time comes for me, it will be His decision, not mine. But as I get older and closer to the end of this life, I don't think about things I wasn't able to do in this life. I can only think about how wonderful the next life will be. The analogy I use is this. What if your boss came to you one day and said, "I'm going to give you an all expense paid vacation to anywhere you want to go. But I'm not ready to tell you when just yet."? Wouldn't you come to work every day hoping today was the day he would say, "Pack you bags. Today is the day."? Someday God is going to say to me, "Today is the day". And I can't wait.

Friday, July 31, 2009

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A new addition at the Cell, that they showed after Duane Wise got the game winning hit in the bottom of the ninth.