Halloween History

Posted by Big Papa | | Posted On Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 5:19 AM

Shel posted these Halloween pictures of Eliza from this year and last year.

Eliza halloween

When I saw them I thought, Oh I should have gotten my costume together last year and gone to Georgia to go trick-or-treating with Eliza. I went into the basement the other day and this is all I could find that was left over from past Halloween costumes.

mike halloween 2010

Then I decided to take a look and see if I could find a picture from the last time my pumpkin costume was used.  I couldn't find one so I had Steph email this one to me.

pumpkin patch 002

This was from 1985 and was quite a pumpkin patch.  So I guess the vines continue to grow and produce new fruit.

While I was looking for the Pumpkin Patch picture I found several others that I thought I would post just for the fun of it.  Hope you enjoy the memories as much as Verna and I have.

Halloween 1978 Joshua

We'll start with Joshua as Cookie Monster from 1978

Halloween 1979 Mom Joshua Luke

Verna, Joshua (??a devil ??), and Baby Luke (the angel) from 1979

Halloween 1981 Joshua, Luke, David

Luke the clown, David the bunny and Joshua in my old cowboy clothes from 1981

Halloween 1982 Joshua, Luke, David

A bat, a bug and a tiger from 1982.

Halloween 1983 Joshua, Luke, David, Shel (a)

Robot, witch, devil and a mouse in1983.

Halloween 1984 Broken Arrow

Army man, Sox player, scarecrow, and the tiger once more at Broken Arrow Campground.  David won a prize this year for his scarecrow costume.

Halloween 1984 Jill R at Broken Arrow

We were camping with good friends that weekend who I thought needed to be in this review.

Halloween 1989 Joshua, Luke, David, Shel

Jumping ahead to 1989 we have another cowboy, a good looking woman, m&m's and what I would call a Dancing Wafflebird.

Halloween 1990 Joshua, Luke, David, Shel

A cowboy for the third time, Pirate, Davey Crockett and another mouse in 1990.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  I know we had tons of fun making these memories and are looking forward to making many more.