In The Yukon Territory

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The sign says "Larger Than Life" and believe me every thing in the Yukon is just that.


They have these huge pans for panning gold.


Which led to me finding this huge gold nugget.


I know some folks from the lower 48 like to think that Texas has bragging rights about everything being big, but up here even the days are big.  It is about 10:15 pm and you would think by the position of the sun and how bright it is outside that it is around 6:00 pm.  They will have over 21 hours of sunlight today.  Now that is a BIG day.

I can't wait to get back to Alaska tomorrow.  They have T-shirts up here that show an outline of Alaska with an outline of  Texas fitting comfortably in the middle of it.  Below that it says " Pissing Texans off since 1959"  That's BIG.

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