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 Look at this, a blog post from Papa. My first since February 2013. I have recently been encouraged to share some of the stories, that I tell, of my lifetime so I am going to try to make an effort to do that here. The stories I have been encouraged to tell are mostly from my past but I'm also hoping to share some current stories of the present time God has given Verna and I to enjoy in our retirement. That brings me to a story of great joy that we were privileged to share yesterday with our friends Lowell and Ruth Thomas.  They are friends of ours that have a cabin across the cove from us. They were both born and raised in the  Seymour Brownstown area starting a little over 85 years ago. They now have their home in Florida and enjoy coming to their lake home through the summer. Last night we treated them to a fish dinner at the Knights of Columbus hall in Seymour.

After dinner we decided to take a drive through Ruth's old neighborhood so she could show us the house that she grew up in. From there we headed West towards Brownstown to go see the house that Lowell grew up in and the one room Lutheran school that he attended. From the school we proceeded two drive to St. John Sauers Lutheran Church.  This is the church where Lowell was baptized and confirmed. When we got there he said "I wonder if the door is unlocked" to his surprise it was. So we took the liberties of going into the sanctuary so Lowell could reminisce of the days he spent there. I must add that he was so excited that he forgot his cane in the truck. After spending a few minutes just soaking in the beauty of that sanctuary Lowell said "Oh how I remember sitting in the balcony playing that pipe organ. I wonder if it is open".  I had already seen that the stairway to the balcony was open so I said "here you go, it is dark but using my cell phone I will light the way for you."  it did not take any coaxing to get him moving up the stairs. As I followed him shining the light ahead of him I could feel and hear the excitement growing within him with each step that he took. As he approached the organ his comments were "man this brings back so many memories of my time here as an eighth grader playing this organ." the next thing I knew he was sitting behind it, flipped the switch on and was ready to play and this is what we were treated to.

A couple more videos Verna took from the front of the sanctuary that gives a beautiful view of the organ pipes

What a great time it was.  Following is a copy of Lowell's Facebook post today.

Today, I tried the door to the church who baptized me. St. John Lutheran at Sauers, an old, beautiful country church, out of Seymour IN. The door was unlocked. Went in. Became flooded with memories: Sitting on the boys' side in pews with friends every Sunday. The balcony wrapped around the nave. Went up stairs and relived December of Grade 8. The pipe organ. Flashback to two years of piano lessons. Christmas. Church without regular organist. I was placed on the organ bench because I could play hymns on a pump organ or piano. I was not asked to play. I was just led to do it. I did. Have not been the same since. I played for services at college and seminary, a few churches, subbing suddenly, as a pastor, when an organist was unable to lead. "To God be they glory, great things he has done." Twasn't I who did it.


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