R Rated Stories

Posted by Big Papa | | Posted On Thursday, February 11, 2010 at 4:00 PM

After the blueberries for desert we start talking about how Dr. Oz talks about how good blueberries are which then leads to Verna E talking about his show yesterday that consisted mostly of talk about female parts and sexual matters. On a program in the middle of the day. I said well I guess that is no worse than the male enhancement ads that run all the time especially during prime time. So Verna E says did ever tell you the story of when Clayton the neighborhood boy wanted to show me where babies came from?  So she being a typical naive 11 year old girl says of course I would like to see this.  Clayton then leads her out into the field behind their house, drops his pants and as Verna shows the stroking motions that he proceeded with, she says Clayton responds with this is where babies come from.  Verna said she went home and proclaimed to her mother that she knows where babies come from and after describing what Clayton revealed to her they got to take a walk down to Clayton's house so Nanny could tell Clayton's mom what he was telling all the kids in the neighborhood.

I don't imagine Clayton demonstrated his knowledge of the birds and the bees to any other girls after that.


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