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Spending the night with two Vernas @ Uncle Jim's.
Converstion around desert:
Verna E: I want something sweet and creamy.
Verna V: How about some blueberries with sugar on them.
Verna E: Sounds good to me.
So Verna V. brings out a small bowl of blueberries and starts to sprinkle sugar on them.
Verna E: Don't stop, put some more on them.
Verna V: Well I didn't think you needed that much.
Verna E: Well I've lived this long, so I don't think a little extra sugar will hurt me.
Mike V: She doesn't want you to get to fat.
Verna E: OK, I guess I don't want to work my grandsons to hard carrying my casket and as Macy walks by and gives her that begging look, she continues with, Oh and I want to tie a red flag onto Macy's collar and let her lead the parade.


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