TTHM & Precious Memories

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How many times have you heard a grandparent say how much more enjoyment they can have with their grandchildren because they can just spoil them and send them home whenever they want? I know I’ve made that comment and must say that it is great when you can do that. The problem is that sometimes the option of sending them home whenever you want is not an option and that’s OK because it can sure give you a greater appreciation of your children, and make you wonder how did you ever get through raising them.
So enough said about that here’s where the story starts. Thursday night we get a call from Tammy that her Mom had called and said an ambulance was on the way to take her Dad to the hospital fearing that he was having a heart attack. Shortly after that we get a call from Luke saying that it was in fact a massive heart attack and unfortunately it was fatal.
Verna & I canceled our weekend plans to go visit Joshua & Adrienne with Steph, Elden, Shel and Eliza and told Luke & Tammy that we were available to take the kids for as long as needed so that Tammy and him could have some undisturbed time with her family. They dropped them off on Friday afternoon with plans for us to bring the kids down to Linton later.
Saturday morning dawns with Levi trying to go potty, but ending up, pretty much uncontrollable, in excruciating pain, we’re guessing from constipation. We felt so sorry for the little guy, but unfortunately there was not anything we could do to comfort him. This goes on most of the morning on Saturday and finally by noon or so he was able to go and instantly was back to his old adorable loving self.
Everything was going pretty good after this we went to the park, the kids played in the hot tub for a bit, we watched Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Cars, and so many cartoons that I lost track of them all. Before I go on I must say in our defense that we were really being responsible in what we gave them to eat since we knew that we would have to suffer the consequences of any sugar highs or tummy aches that may be created.
Which takes us to today, we took a ride after lunch to find a couple geocaches and out to an open house at Wolf Park. We weren’t ten minutes into the trip when Evia started complaining of a stomach ache. She’s been know in the past to complain of a stomach ache so that she could get some of the good pink medicine which always miraculously fixes everything that ales you, so we went ahead and went to Wolf Park hoping that she might get to feeling a little better. She ended up being carried or sitting on my lap the whole time we were there. About two miles down the road after we left Evia lost it and threw up all over herself, the seat back ahead of her and Emma who was sitting beside her. We had just cleaned the Pacifica out for our trip to Minnesota so the only thing we had to clean up the mess was a blanket, that we use for Macy to lay on, that Nana was at least able to wipe Evia’s mouth with, and told both of them to sit tight till we get home where we finished the clean-up. If there was ever a moment when you wish that you could just spoil the Grandkids and send them home this was it, but then still on the way home with Emma sitting in the stench she comes up with the comment “I can’t wait to be in heaven because when I’m there no one will throw-up on me.” Those are the moments/memories that can never be replaced.


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